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Chairman's Report 2021/2022

Ebenezer Chapel

Well another interesting year, we managed our first meeting for nearly two years.

In September 2021 Rhuddlan Golf Club kindly agreed to help out when other Venues were still restricted.

In March we moved to Rhuddlan Community Centre and we hope we are here to stay, the camels have been retired!!.

The Committee started to meet again in July 2021, however during the lockdown period regular updates were sent to members, and our secretary Pauline Howe wrote monthly articles for the Parish Magazine.

These were uploaded onto our website, and Facebook Page, and received many kind comments.

I wouldn’t say we’ve hit the ground running, but in a short space of time, various projects have been completed.

The Water Pump renovation in Church Street, thanks to Sarah, a 2022 calendar, and the donkey work being undertaken by Stephen and Haydn.

The society has also funded a bench for the memorial Garden to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Ysgol y Castell is also back on board with the annual History Project, so we really are filling the gaps!!

Research has also started into a History Trail, and we are in discussion with Green Communities who are possible funders for the project.

Also a 15 15-minute heritage trail, Lorna will discuss this with us after the AGM.

Electronic banking has been adopted, this has caused much frustration and amusement between the chairman and treasurer, however, we did get compensation from Nat West for misinformation.

We are also in the process of revamping the website courtesy of web man Graham.

My thanks to the committee for their help and guidance;

To Sarah for her continued Research work and also taking over the membership role and email account.
To Pauline & Isobel for recording the minutes and producing Parish magazine Articles. Sadly Pauline is awaiting various medical procedures and is unable to take an active part at the moment, we wish her well.

To Stephen for looking after Our Photograph collection and Haydn for organising the raffle.

To Ann for looking after our finances, Ann is moving away from the area but will remain on the committee until the move.

Chris Grier will be returning to the fold as treasurer.

Our thanks also go to Tony Rainford for auditing the society’s accounts once again.

To Charlotte who is unable to attend meetings but does sterling work with the Facebook Account & acts as website courier.

To Reg who attends when he can, he will be sitting on the bench for us and is organising our quiz tonight.

Sadly we have lost two members Barbara through retirement who used to look after our membership account and our tech man Ted through ill health. 

We thank them for their input over the years and wish them well.

The Chairman & secretary should all be standing down at this AGM having completed their three years, but due to the stop-start period caused by the pandemic are happy to continue on for another year if re-elected.

And to Dai our President, who keeps us on the straight and narrow and Rhuddlan on the map with presentations to local interested groups.

Sometimes the committee has to make difficult decisions and due to increases in speaker fees, room hire, etc, etc, annual membership will increase from £10 to £12, which is still less than £2 per meeting, and non-member meeting fees from £2.50 to £3.

My thanks also go to our members and supporters who have been very patient but have returned in surprisingly large numbers.

Now you have Heard that there are a couple of vacancies on the committee, so for the future of the society don’t be shy, why not give it a go, we have monthly daytime committee meetings at the library on the third Thursday of the month, and unless you misbehave you will be home in time for tea.

Have a chat with me or a member of the committee if you want to know more.

Here’s to another successful and hopefully uninterrupted year.

Thank you.