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Rhuddlan – meaning ‘the red bank’, from the colour of the riverside soil 

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Twthill Mound

Twthill Mound King Edward’s great stone castle, however, is only one element of Rhuddlan’s surviving medieval heritage.

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Flint Castle

This month we are back in Flintshire at Flint Castle. This was the first castle built by Edward 1.

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Kinmel Hall

Kinmel Hall is an example of a “calendar house” it has 365 windows, 122 rooms, and 12 entrances.

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Mold Castle

Mold Castle consists of the remains of a Roman motte and bailey timber fortress built upon a natural hill. 

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St. Asaph Cathedral

According to legend, a church and monastery were founded in St Asaph in the 6th century by St Kentigern, bishop of Strathclyde. 

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The Copper Kingdom

We are moving a little farther from home this month to the Isle of Anglesey where buried beneath a mountain in Amlwch lies an extraordinary mineral wealth.

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St. Winifride's Well

A Well reputed to have healing powers and a chapel is located on the site, a place of pilgrimage for 1300 years.

The Chapel was built over the well in 1490.

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