Y Shed, Meliden

Y Shed is in the heart of Meliden and what the village lacks in size it more than makes up for in history.

Previous names were Rustoch to the Saxons, Aldmeiden to the Normans and Gallt Melyd since the 13th Century since when it has become anglicised to Meliden.

Although often linked to Mellitus, the 7th century Bishop of London there is no factual basis for such a belief which is now viewed as an antiquarian desire to link early names to known historical individuals although there may have been a real St Melyd.

At one time quarrying and mining were the backbone of the local economy but it was a tempestuous affair with disputes between miners and owners.

The lead mining came to a halt in the late 1800s but quarrying continued until the early 1980s.

Evidence of mining and quarrying can clearly be seen on the hillside which surrounds Y Shed.

At one time the village also attracted tourists who from the mid 1800s travelled along the Chester to Holyhead railway.

The goods shed was built along the branch line of the London and North Western railway from Prestatyn to Dyserth known as the Prestatyn and Cwm Railway.

The passenger service stopped in 1930 but the goods and minerals railway continued to run along here till 1973. Many residents still recall watching the steam engines pass along this track.

Meliden has a rich and interesting history and Y Shed will help tell these stories to future generations.

If you visit the interactive history exhibition you can play the mining game and see if you can top the leaderboard.

This once forgotten building has now been transformed into a vibrant community and tourist hub with café, shops, history displays along with creative working spaces for local businesses and artisans.

Why not stop buy for refreshments, hire a bike or stay for lunch and support a local enterprise.