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The Inns, Taverns, Pubs and Hotels of Rhuddlan, 1835 to Present day

Starting with Pigot’s Directory for 1835 Rhuddlan had one inn called The Bodrhyddan Arms and this was run by a Robert Morris. Seven other establishments were listed as Inns and Taverns. They were: Anchor – John Twist, Glynn Arms – Thomas Evans, Rhyddlan Trader – John Jones, New Inn – William Hughes, Gwindy -William Edwards, King’s Head – William Davis and Rhyddlan Castle – Hugh Hughes.

By 1841 Pigot’s list shows that the Bodrhyddan Arms was still being run by Robert Morris as a hotel/inn but was now know as the Black Moor’s Head. A new addition to the list was The Marsh Inn run by John Jones. Slater’s Directory for 1850 adds two new establishments – Mariner’s Arms – Thomas Jones and The White Horse – Peter Campbell. John Jones was still in charge of the Marsh which was now called The Marsh Warden and was located near the Foundry at the lower end of the village and across the bridge over the River Clwyd.

Both the Anchor and The New Inn had the same landlords as 1835 and the Rhuddlan Castle with a slight spelling variation was run by Edward Jones and Benjamin Hughes had taken over The King’s Head.

A jump to Slater’s Directory for 1885 has six listings: Marsh Hotel – Edward T Jones, New Inn – Peter Edwards, Mariner’s Arms – Thomas Roach, King’s Head – Edward Payne, Castle – Isaac Vaughan and a slight name change to The Black Moor’s Head now simply listed as Black Hotel and run by Mary Davies.

The Mariner’s Arms was located at the lower end of the High Street on the corner with Church Street. This is now a private house but on the 1901 and 1911 census the landlord was a Thomas Roach. On the upper wall of the building is an old iron sign the design of which was based on the symbol of the Cyclists Touring Club – a winged wheel. It was used to show passing cyclists that this was a good place to stay. Rhuddlan is quite unusual in the fact that there are two of these signs in the village. The other can be found across the road on the New Inn public house.

The 1901 census provides details of the King’s Head run by John Oldfield whose occupation is Hotel Keeper. Next door, The Black Inn is run by John Hill and his wife Annie Maria Hill. The New Inn is run by Charles Ellis with the help of his daughter Clara. Charles Ellis died in 1902 and his daughter married Thomas Davies in 1905.

The Black Hotel next to the The Kings Head was redesigned at the beginning of the 20th century and incorporated into what is now known as Fondella Building. 1901 landlady was a Mary Titmuss but there is no listing for it in 1911.

By 1911 John Oldfield is still at The King’s Head with his wife Harriet. At The New Inn, Clara has married and is now assisting her husband Thomas Davies to run the business. At The Mariner’s Arms Thomas Roach’s son has taken over from his father and Richard and Jane Williams are at The Castle. The Marsh Hotel also has a new landlord-Robert Jones, assisted by his wife Margaret Ellen.

The King’s Head 1901 census the landlord was a John Oldfield. By the beginning of the 1970s the building was in a bad state of repair and was demolished only to be rebuilt in the same location but a few yards back from the edge of the High Street and the name was kept.

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